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Brain Train Virtual Classroom Review

College Entrance Test Review

Our review programs are patterned after college admission tests of leading universities such as the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University. Brain Train has helped thousands of students gain admission to the colleges of their choice, with many earning scholarships. Our classes are known for energized and simplified discussions, with emphasis on techniques and useful shortcuts.

Year-Round Tutorials

Brain Train’s year-round, one-on-one tutorials prepares students for exams or competitions as well as daily homework. Tutors who specialize in the subject matter are assigned to each student: they adapt lessons to suit needs and give undivided attention to maximize learning.

High School Entrance Test Review

Brain Train students dominate the passers and topnotchers lists of competitive high school entrance exams, including Philippine Science High School, UP Rural High School, and many other leading high schools.

Summer Enrichment Programs

Brain Train’s summer enrichment program prepares incoming Grade 6 students for a critical school year. Our fun and interactive classes in the most important subjects makes them more ready to absorb lessons in the final year of elementary school.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Brain Train employ strict policies on tardiness and attendance??

    Every minute at the BRAIN TRAIN Review is very important: the pace is fast and each meeting is densely filled with important lessons. BRAIN TRAIN teachers regret having any student miss even a few minutes of their sessions because it can make a lot of difference in the exam. That’s why even if it means additional work for BRAIN TRAIN, we require absentee students to complete their attendance by attending make-up classes. (If a review center — or any education institution — does not care if its students complete the whole course, do the people behind it really deem their lectures important?) BRAIN TRAIN management insists on every student getting his or her money’s worth, hence our strict attendance policy.

  • The University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) is the most competitive college entrance examination in the country: BRAIN TRAIN has produced more UPCAT passers than all other review centers combined! It has also produced top placers in other local universities such as Ateneo, De La Salle University, and University of Santo Tomas. BRAIN TRAIN is the only review center which has been posting its passers’ lists year after year. Other review centers claim to have high passing rates but do not show proof, or post passers’ lists without students actually attending their review courses. There are many cases of students who were adjudged less likely to pass the UPCAT – compared to more academically accomplished classmates – but were successful with BRAIN TRAIN’s help.

  • Yes. Given BRAIN TRAIN students’ exceptional performance for admission into the University of the Philippines — the toughest university to get into – we have confidence in getting students to pass other top universities’ exams such as Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET), De La Salle University College Admission Test (DCAT), and University of Santo Tomas College Entrance Test (USTET). In fact, many of our former students did not just pass, they were even given scholarships because of their high scores!
    The BRAIN TRAIN Review is closely patterned after the UPCAT, and the UPCAT’s subtests / question types are similar to that of other college admission tests. But should BRAIN TRAIN reviewees wish to intensify preparation for the ACET / DCAT, they can join our Intensive ACET and DCAT Review – where subtests unique to these admission tests will be tackled — for an additional fee.

  • Even if you confident in your chances of passing the UPCAT, there are other benefits that can be derived from the BRAIN TRAIN Review:

    1. You will have better chances of becoming an UPCAT Topnotcher, which is not only a great honor but also comes with a full scholarship and monthly allowance throughout your stay in UP.

    2. It will further raise your UPCAT score, which gives you better chances of qualifying for the Advanced Placement Test (APE). Being an APE passer will exempt you from having to take up some subjects in college, thus making your load lighter and your college days easier.

    3. What you will learn from the Review will also benefit you throughout college; it can increase your chances of graduating with honors.

  • BRAIN TRAIN recommends the first batch since this gives students plenty of time after the Review to still do extra preparation for subject areas where they are weak, either through self-study or by availing of BRAIN TRAIN’s tutorial services.

  • All venues employ the same review program and review material. BRAIN TRAIN teachers calibrate their lessons and share their teaching expertise with one another. We also try our best to let students in all BRAIN TRAIN Review venues to learn from every BRAIN TRAIN teacher, through rotation. No venue will be short-changed.

  • Yes, but August classes are only offered during weekends because the school year would have already begun. Because of this, BRAIN TRAIN does NOT recommend the August batch. Students will practically have no more time to rest because after attending school from Monday to Friday; they still have to attend the Review during weekends. Students who enroll in this batch are rarely able to attend all the sessions. It also becomes too late for them to do extra preparation for particular subject areas.